Hunt the Hunters.

The city has a secret food chain, a hidden game of predator and prey playing out in every alley, every shadowy corner, and bangin’ nightclub. The Kindred - vampires, werewolves, and a hundred others - hunt humans for food and pleasure.
They have ruled the night for centuries, but the game is about to change. There’s a new predator in town, and it feeds on jerks.
Hybrids, born of mixed Kindred lineages, but stronger than any of them, and twice as cool.

All of Their Strengths is an action-packed role-playing game of tinted sunglasses, silver-lined swords, and ultra-violet bullets.

Take on the role of the Hybrids waging a secret war on the Kindred. Play as a werewolf-witch, a ghost-mummy, or the always classic half-human, half-vampire.
Grab your throwing stars, put on your PVC long-coat, and touch up your sweet tribal tats.

The War of Shadows is waiting.

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