Hand-Head-Heart: Hobgoblin

You ever absently throw out an idea then end up obsessing about that off-handed little nothing for the next few weeks? You ever make a joke that spirals out of control into an actual thing that you're way too invested in?

Well, I do.

On that note: Hand-Head-Heart: Hobgoblin is now up for grabs. It's the first in several theme packs I'm planning to put up, because I ended up being really enamored with some of the concepts in the system.


When I made this site, one of the things I'd originally intended to use it for was as a repository for all the little snippets of ideas I had. Things that I didn't necessarily feel warranted an extensive look into, but that I still felt had some merit as experiments.

On that note, I've put up Balance the first of several "micro-RPGs" I've been intending to release. It's not an extensive or all inclusive system, but it is a neat little experiment, with a unique resolution mechanic that I feel is worth a look.

Plus, it's free, so there's that.

Here We Are

There's a website here now, which is new and exciting. You can use it to purchase either of the two games that are currently up for sale. Eventually, you'll be able to use it as a place to find further news, thoughts, and mini-games that will exist, but do not currently. This will be a place for many things, but as of the moment, it is just a place for two things.

Two things, and this.

More things to follow.